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Below are some of the subjects that I'm currently studying.

Hydrogen-Doped Viscoplastic Liquid Metal Microparticles for Stretchable Printed Metal Lines

Nature Materials 20,

533–540 (2021)

Auxetic, Flexible, and Strain-Tunable Two-Dimensional th-AlN with Anisotropic High Carrier Mobility for Photocatalytic Visible Light Water Splitting

ME Kilic and K-R Lee

Journal of  Material Chemistry C 9, 4971 (2021) 

The Mechanism of Dynamic Strain Aging for Type A Serrations in Tensile Flow Curves of Fe-18Mn-0.55C (wt.%) Twinning-Induced Plasticity Steel

S.K. Oh, M.E. Kilic, J.S. Hong, A. Soon, J.B. Seol, and Y.K. Lee

Acta Materialia 188, 366


Tetrahex Carbides: Two-Dimensional Group-IV Materials for Nanoelectronics and Photocatalytic Water Splitting

ME Kilic and K-R Lee

Carbon 174, 368 (2021)

Novel Two-Dimensional Tetrahexagonal Boron Nitride with Sizable Bandgap and Sign-Tunable Poisson’s Ratio

ME Kilic and K-R Lee

Nanoscale, 2021


First-Principles Study of Fluorinated Tetrahexcarbon: Stable Configurations, Thermal, Mechanical, and Electronic Properties

ME Kilic and K-R Lee

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124, 8225 (2020)

Fast-Dissolving Antibacterial Nanofibers of Cyclodextrin/Antibiotic Inclusion Complexes for Oral Drug Delivery

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 585, 184


Novel Two-dimensional Group-IV Carbides Containing C2 Dimers: Sizable Direct Band Gap, High Carrier Mobility, and Anisotropic Properties for Nanoelectronics

ME Kilic and K-R Lee

Carbon, 2021


Tuning the Electronic, Mechanical, Thermal, and Optical Properties of TH-carbon via Hydrogenation

ME Kilic and K-R Lee

Carbon 161, 71 (2020)

Oxygen Ion Transport in Doped Ceria: Effect of Vacancy Trapping

ME Kilic, J-H Lee and K-R Lee

Journal of  Material Chemistry A



I'm particularly interested in collaborations with both theoretical and experimental researchers.

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