Research highlights

  • Potential and module development for theoretical spectroscopy

  • Superionic conductivity in fluorite-type oxides

  • Design, functionalization and application of two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials

  • Complexation of supramolecules: cyclodextrine

                            And many more ...

About Me


For more details, please visit my research page

Recent publications

"Semiconducting, Defect-Free Polymorph of Borophene: Peierls Distortion in Two-Dimensions
Physical Review B 98, 241408(R) (2018)[pdf]

"Understanding the Enhancement of Ionic Transport in Heterogeneously –Doped Zirconia by Heterointerface Engineering
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, 22374 (2018)

Anisotropic Vacancy–Mediated Phonon Mode Softening in Sm and Gd Doped Ceria
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20, 10048 (2018)

I'm particularly interested in collaborations with both theoretical and experimental researchers.

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